My Mommy | Happy Mother’s Day!

Disclaimer: enough was enough this past January, and I told my parents that I would start calling them Mom and Dad. So I call them Mom and Dad now, but that had not been the case for the past twenty years.

So, this was written a year ago, I didn’t post it because lazy/embarrassed. Here it is noooow.


I still call my parents Mommy and Daddy.

It is not really something I am ashamed of, but it is something I have been embarrassed of since I was in elementary school. Whenever I had friends over, and I needed to ask my Mom or Dad for something, I had to be as clever as possible to not call them Mommy or Daddy out loud. Because if I said, “Hey, Mommy! Can we get some cookies over here?” I would look like such a baby. And I did not want to look like such a baby in front of my nine year old friends.

As far as I am from being a third grader today, I still call them Mommy and Daddy. How did this happen? How did I get this far without transitioning to Mom and Dad? I think it has to do with my older sister. She was supposed to do it first, but she never did!
So I never did.
And I had to get creative.

I have came up with a half dozen ways to get past the torture of calling them Mommy and Daddy in public.

I have tried calling them Mother and Father in a mock English accent, Mum, Mummy, Papa, Pop; I have even gone so far as to call them by their first names, but never Mom and Dad.

One time, I had a play-date, and I kept calling my mom over by saying “Hey you”. She did not like that. She made me sit on a stool in the bathroom while my friends stared at me.

But really, at what point are kids even supposed to stop calling their parents Mommy and Daddy? How does any kid ever decide that today is the day they will start calling their parents Mom and Dad? It’s like when you’re really great friends with a teacher, and at the end of the year they tell that you can now call them by their first name, but you don’t because Mr. or Ms. Lastname is what you’ve always called them, and it would be unnatural for you not to call them Mr. or Mrs. Lastname. So even eight years later you still call them Mr. Yang instead of Lolo… it’s an impossible switch!

So I will continue to call my Mommy, Mommy, and my Daddy, Daddy. And anyone who reads this post will know this deep insecurity and treat me really nice about it forever and ever, and probably even join in and call their parents Mommy and Daddy with me.


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