here’s a story for you beth. happy monday!

here are three items: cookies, dale the whale and a penny!

on an early monday morning in the beginning of october, a girl with sideways chopped hair was walking with her very tan and slightly shorter friend to the beach.

their names were bethany and samantha, respectively.

one thing you have to know about bethany and samantha is that they love the beach. they go everyday, and they make a very big deal out of it to everyone they know. no point in being coy about something you love, right?

so, bethany and samantha were walking to the beach.. did i mention they were barefooted? well, they were, and they were also holding a half a dozen cookies among themselves, and a big jar of peanut butter.

just as they got to the edge of the sand, samantha noticed that they forgot to bring any spoons for the peanut butter. typical. so, being resourceful, bethany suggested that they just use their fingers to spread the peanut butter onto their cookies.

“ok!” said samantha, being down for pretty much anything.

the girls walked to the waterline, and let their feet soak, sinking slightly into the wet sand with each wave pass, eating cookies and spreading peanut butter on them with their grubby fingers as they admired the great ocean view.

they finished eating their cookies faster than they wished they had, and were left with just a jar of peanut butter and their hands. so, naturally, they continued to eat from the jar with their double dipping fingers, enjoying the sticky snack.

after a few hours – because remember, bethany and samantha love the beach, so they spend hours there – bethany and samantha were laying on the sand, making sand angels, when bethany felt a small squishy lump in the sand beneath her heal, and sat straight up.

she dug around a little with her hands, and pulled out a faded blue toy whale, with the name DALE written in washed-off sharpie on his belly.

“dale the whale!” exclaimed bethany, “where’s the peanut butter jar? let’s make it his new home!”

samantha grabbed the jar, which, by the way, was now empty, since the two had devoured the contents since finishing the cookies, filled it with water and sand, and plopped the tiny whale into the newly recycled jar.

“now we can take the beach with us wherever we go, i am so so so happy yay yay yay!” bethany declared.

she started clapping all the way home, because it was now time for the girls to go home, and bethany simply could not contain her excitement to just one jar.

as they walked back to their [bachs] house, they didn’t think the day could get any better, when samantha looked down and saw: money! there was an unimpressively dirty penny lying on the floor outside the door, waiting to be picked up by a desperate college student. samantha pocketed the cent, and the two headed inside.

bethany and samantha then made dinner and it turned out really yummy, and then they avoided doing homework, and then they went to bed.

the end!


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