the helen effect

sitting behind dirty breakfast dishes at the kitchen table, standing in the doorway of your room before school, walking along a dirt path; she will stay and listen, nod and process, any and all issues you may have.

talk about what’s on your mind or resurface unhealed wounds, helen has an effect, and I think the rest of the world should know about it.

helen has a calm presence that I think a lot of people are able to respond to. I met her last year, on a bus I think. she quietly called out to me from another seat, a small but excited, “hi sami!” as she came to sit next to me. we’ve been friends ever since.

I was talking to helen last week, and though it started with her troubles, conversation was able to get to my own issues with family and death, and through talking we started crying. light tears, no drippy snot, but cries nonetheless, and it was something I was not expecting on a thursday morning before hip hop.

then a few days ago, I was battling some demons, and she was there to let me spew my chunky emotions out all over her light green, ‘ancient bristlecone pine forest’ t-shirt.

helen can get things out of me like no one else can. I am so thankful for her simple nods, pitiful eyes, and her words of reassurance that help get me through what I’m feeling, even if I’m not expecting it at all. just knowing she is there for me at all times is incredible.

I never knew I needed a helen in my life until I met one, and I am so happy I found one. she’s a powerful processor, and her effect is incredible.

dang dang! thanks for everything.
love, sami


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