2016, a year in review

2016 was a great year for me, and one i’m claiming to be the best in my life.

i started off the year sad to be away from home, and ended it sad to actually be home.
that’s a drastic change.

but i can truthfully honestly say that this year feels like a good meal; i feel very full from it.

no understatement, but i met hundreds of new people, and made lots of new friends. that was definitely the highlight of the year.

i did lots of things for the first time, too.

i dyed my hair (as mentioned in probably every single post since i’ve done it; i just really like it okay??!?)
i sang in front of my friends
i moved into my first apartment, by the beach no less
i got a bunny
i biked all over town
i decidedly fell in love with writing
and i broke 2 iPhones…

it was great.

but it was also equally bad.

my dog died.
a woman as close to me and as loving as my own mother died.

i became angsty and moody at home.
i upset my parents a lot.
i became distant from my older sister.

and i think it’s a balance thing; can’t very well experience high-high’s without low-low’s, can you?

life is good and life is bad.
but, when you look at as a whole,
i’d rather experience all the happiness
and all the sadness
than nothing at all

the contrasts are worth it


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