about the author

small, tattooed, pierced, tough kid with a rainbow sandals tan and a striped t-shirt on.

i have a scar on my lower back from the makeshift jacuzzi bathtub my roommates and i crammed into one time. i cried in corner of the the family bathroom of the vet when they told me i had to put my dog down. i bought a tandem bike at a garage sale on a wednesday afternoon, and charged my friend $22.50 on venmo with no explanation, to split it with me.

nothing is better than watching the sunrise with a bunch of sleepy friends, or biking without a backpack, or sitting in the back of a car, and watching the sun set over the city, any city, and not having to worry about missing it because you’re driving (thanks, friend for driving).

in college, i fell in love with two things: writing, and jesus. i’ve loved telling stories since i was very small, repeating jokes and riddles to my family at thanksgiving.

intervarsity, a christian fellowship, not an intramural sports club, is where i met jesus for myself and became friends with him. it’s a hard life, that of a christian. we are called to deal with our ish now instead of later, which is a tall order and often feels unfair. but this life has been so worth it, and has brought me so much more good than bad.

you can find me all over the internet with lots of different pseudonyms, like
casesami, and